Many Ideas for Use 12×12 Rug in Home

12x12 Area Rug Color

Of the many ideas for the home when it comes to decorating interiors, one of them is the choice of 12×12 rug for the rooms. Among the main purposes of a carpet one of them is to help define a space and when considering how to decorate a room with them, you must take into account the characteristics of the spaces in your house where you want to place them.

When we think of a 12×12 rug, we consider the space where we want to place it, the furniture that we are going to have on it and what we are going to place around it. And before going directly to buy it, it is convenient to measure the space we have, the shape of the room and in case of doubt, it is better to choose it a little bigger, because that way we can place it under the furniture.

We are going to see different choices to define the carpet in a room. If you have a long and narrow space, it is very likely that you also have a long sofa. In this case, try to have the carpet that extends the entire length of the sofa with a little space to spare. You can adjust the amount of 12×12 rug that is under the sofa to the width of the room.

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