Menards Curtains of a Bay Window

Great Menards Curtains

Menards curtains – The windows are a beautiful addition to many homes. The windows project to the outside of the house, usually with three separate sections. Due to its unusual shape, it can be difficult to find suitable curtains for a window. A continuous curtain does not cover your bay window, and there are so many options for curtains on the market that it can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that any type of window cover to buy or do should have separate curtains or blinds for each section of the window.

Good Menards curtains with cafe style curtains hang in your bay window. Coffee curtains have a short border at the top and a curtain as it covers the entire lower half of the window. Coffee curtains provide a bit of privacy, but also some light. When hanging these curtains in the bay window, use spring tension rods that are mounted inside the window frame.

Use Roman shades in your bay window for the best of both worlds. The Roman curtains are the Menards curtains, but there are also the blinds that can be raised and lowered whenever you want. Roman shades are usually made of two layers of cloth with ring tape. Which is a ribbon sewn into the lining of the curtain that has plastic rings sewn to it, allowing it to thread the wires through it. Strings inserted through the ring band allow you to lift the curtains to allow sunlight to enter and lower them completely when you want privacy.

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