Nice Black And White Chevron Print

Rug Black And White Chevron

As every season, when summer arrives, I suggest some ideas of color combinations so that you can apply them to your holidays and so that we can do our collection of sets for the following seasons. In today’s post I will give you combinations of black and white chevron, a set that never fails, I have already told you about it many times, but not everything is said.

Vertical stripes in black and white to visually lengthen the leg and a breakthrough touch with these shoes that combine the two colors. Another black and white chevron print that is very attractive is the checkerboard. In this set I have used it on the jacket and on the boots with very good results.

The combination of black and white prints always works well; it does not matter if you combine stripes, flowers, pictures or houndstooth. The important thing is that it always be in those two colors. The result does not fail. If you have to choose what color to use with greater measure, the best is black and white chevron a few touches of white, using for this the complements or, as in this case, a complement and a print shirt with white.

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