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Outdoor Jute Rug – The jute rugs are always a good option to protect our soil during the change of season and create a natural and rural ambient air, so it is so important to keep them and clean them well. Jute is a natural fiber from a subtropical plant and is sometimes mixed with other materials to make fabrics of different characteristics, such as wool or raffia. Currently braiding is used to create the burlap cloth, ropes or braided rugs.

To clean an outdoor jute rug, keep in mind that it is a natural material and, therefore, aggressive chemical products should not be used. Below, we explain the steps for the conservation and cleaning of this type of carpets. Aspirate both sides of the carpet and the floor surface where it is. To remove dust particles that may be found between your fibers or on the ground. Use a normal vacuum cleaner or a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It controls the humidity since it can be the cause of the material to rot.

Therefore, place the outdoor jute rug on a floor without moisture. If the floor is scrubbed, wait until it is completely dry to place the carpet. In case of superficial stains, the best option is to use water with very concentrated salt. Drying is very important. In case you have cleaned a stain, after days of heavy rain and as part of tissue oxygenation.

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