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Great Paint Colors for Hallways Ideas

Paint colors for hallways – Being areas of passage, the corridors are often forgotten in the decoration. However, we should pay more attention to them. Since we often go through them several times throughout the day. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that they usually exposed areas from some of the main rooms of the home. In addition, in many cases they act as an entrance to the house and serve to make subtle transitions from one room to another. Although it will not be necessary to put furniture. As long as it is not essential for the lack of square meters, you should choose the colors of the walls carefully. In addition to adding adequate lighting and some other decorative element, such as a painting or a photograph.

A great majority of the paint colors for hallways that we find in the homes are long, narrow and dark. Since they do not receive natural light, reason why when choosing the color of the walls we must try that they appear more ample and luminous. To achieve this, we recommend that you choose a clear tone for the side walls. Such as white or beige. Also cool tones are recommended in their lighter version, such as blue or green. In this way, you will generate a sense of amplitude and enhance the luminosity. If the hallway is too long and you want to shorten it visually. You should paint the walls of the ends with darker colors. On the other hand, if you want the space to look much bigger. You should paint the ceiling a lighter tone than the walls.

If you are lucky enough to have a wide hallway you will have much easier. Since you can choose many more shades. If you want to amplify this amplitude, it is best that you choose for light colors. Of course, if you prefer that this area of ​​passage is warm and cozy. Ideally you choose earth tones, reds, oranges or yellow, always in little strident versions and, if possible, clear. Only if you are lucky enough to have a corridor that receives a lot of natural light can you opt for darker colors.

When choosing the paint colors for hallways the walls is also important to take into account the height of the ceiling, as this can greatly influence the perception of space. Thus, for low ceilings a good idea is to opt for the vertical stripes, which make the walls extend visually upwards. As long as you choose a clear color for the ceiling. On the contrary, if the ceiling is too high. What you can do is paint horizontal stripes on the walls and decant for a dark color for the ceiling. Of course, you should keep in mind that the vertical stripes. Also make the spaces appear narrower, while the horizontal ones allow the environments to appear wider.

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