Plexiglass Cut to Size with a Table Saw

Plexiglass Cut to Size Table Ideas

The best way to plexiglass cut to size is with a table saw. A table saw squares the plexiglass and makes a smooth, handy edge when equipped with the right blade. Plexiglas comes in sheets like plywood and is cut in the same way as plywood. Due to the flexibility and inherent scratching possibilities, precautions should be taken when cutting Plexiglas. Take things slowly, keep the table saw clean and make clean, straight cuts.

Ideas for plexiglass cut to size with a table saw. Remove the blade from the table saw and place a combination cross blade on the saw. Lift the saw table 1/2 inch higher than the thickness of your Plexiglas. Blow any dirt, sawdust, shavings or debris of any kind from the top of the table saw with an air compressor. Wipe the top of the table saw with a soft, damp cloth to make sure it is clean. Adjust the saw guide to the desired size. Put on rubber gloves. Turn on the saw. Choose the Plexiglas directly upwards with both hands, arms apart. Adjust the edge of the Plexiglas on the table saw behind the sheet, with the paper backing facing down.

Then for plexiglass cut to size with a table saw, gently relieve the plexiglass on the leaf. As the blade begins to cut, push slowly, about half the speed you would use when cutting plywood. Hold the Plexiglas as you would with a sheet of plywood, arms spread, against the fence. Continue pushing little by little until you reach a point 6 inches from the end. With caution, the right hand and place it flat on the plexiglass, letting the rubber glove on its grip and hold the end of the plexiglass down as you finish pushing it through the saw.

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