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Quartz That Looks Like Marble Ideas

Quartz That Looks Like Marble – I thought today about two materials that I like a lot and that I use frequently in kitchens that I transform: quartz and granite. It is a natural stone, extracted directly from the quarry, cut and polished. It has unique durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and abrasives. Its surface is perfectly flat, easy to maintain and there are many textures, colors and finish.

Although it is very hard (apart from the diamond, there are few materials harder than him), it is not advisable to cut your food directly on the surface to avoid damaging your knives. However, its resistance to heat makes it possible to deposit a dish leaving the cooker directly on the surface without damaging it. Unlike granite, quartz that looks like marble is not a natural stone. It is extracted from quarries in the form of crushed seeds. Which are combined with resin to make counters (97% quartz / 3% resin).

Color pigments are also used in the manufacture of these counters, allowing an infinite choice of colors and textures. The white engraved with flower motifs can be used for kitchen counters, but also as a wall covering. It’s a tough, durable, waterproof, easy-care, and reasonably priced material. It is recommended to protect it from direct heat to prevent it from melting or cracking. But no sealant is required. There is a wide variety of colors and quartz that looks like marble patterns.

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