Quartz Vs Granite Vs Marble For Worktop

Great Quartz Vs Granite Vs Marble

Quartz Vs granite Vs marble – When choosing a countertop for kitchen or bathroom, first of all, consider the practical circumstances: the physical properties of materials such as scratch resistance, heat, stains and wear resistance. Since countertops are often the main attractions in a kitchen or bathroom, it is very important that the countertop fits with the design elements and color solutions used in the interior.

The best quartz Vs granite Vs marble for worktops. Granite is a strong material. Usually, a simple rule applies: the darker the granite you use, the stronger and more durable the countertop becomes. Light and colorful granite is usually a bit softer and more porous. Then making it more vulnerable to mechanical impact and can be discolored easily due to inadequate maintenance.

Quartz Vs granite Vs marble for worktops. Marble is very popular and is widely used as countertop material. If you have decided for marble, you should keep in mind that you are working on materials that need care and care. Marble, unlike granite, is scalded more easily and is more sensitive to acidic foods we use daily. If you choose marble, you need to pay more attention to preventing stains. Most marble varieties are not intended as kitchen benches but look good in the bathroom, like windowsills or rocks in fireplaces. The biggest advantage of marble compared with granite or quartz is its unique luxury appearance. And also the more affordable price. Stones of quartz or artificial stone are a product for decade’s back, which has proven to be of practical value.

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