Simulated Cheap Area Rugs

9x12 Area Rugs Under $100

Cheap area rugs are colorful, soft and add lots of style to a room, but there are times when using a carpet just not logically. For example, placing a rug on an unprotected porch is not the best idea because the mat becomes wet and pale. A carpet is excluded if there is a safety hazard for someone using a wheelchair or relator. If you want the color and space definition as a mat gives but do not want an actual carpet, choose a simulated mat.


Klinkergolv is well suited for simulated cheap area rugs because you or your tile installer can easily put out a matte-size pattern in the tile floor. With tiles there are so many options, from classic black and white pieces to bright, colorful stripes. Tiles, regardless of ceramics, porcelain, stone, glass or linoleum, are available in many sizes, colors and shapes. Your options are limited only by your creativity.


If your floors are made of wood or concrete, you can paint a “matte” directly on the floor. Use a target tape to create borders and stripes, or paint single-colored cheap area rugs on the floor. freehand in sensitive details like birds, flowers, fruit or a paisley pattern and even fringes on the edges. Use templates if you are not sure about your freehand painting.

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