Design of Small Foyer Decorating Ideas

Small Foyer Decorating Ideas Classic

Do not underestimate the importance of the small foyer decorating ideas. Since its part of your home that guests initially see, you want it to look its best and create a positive first impression. So when designing a small foyer, it looks big, bright and inviting. Start with the walls. A good rule of thumb is that darker colors make an area feel closed; brighter colors make it feel open and airy. Paint over any dark panels or dark wall colors. You do not need to use white; try a cream, soft rose, light brown, or light blue or green. If wallpapering, avoid a busy pattern, which can be overwhelming in a small space.


Make the most of all available sunshine; Strong light is the key to making any space to feel great. If the space does not have any natural light, consider installing a window or skylight, or replace a solid door with a glass-cassette door. Frost the glass or apply frosted paper to it for both integrity and light. On a small foyer decorating ideas window, use clean window treatments instead of heavy drapes. Another way to open up small foothills is to install lots of interior lighting. Replace all low watts, banal ceiling fixtures with a neat chandelier. This will brighten the small foyer decorating ideas, and put an air of refinement. Choose a chandelier that fits well into the style of the home. Other lighting options include an elegant floor lamp, wall shade lighting or elegant wall candelabra.


Furniture use in a small foyer decorating ideas must be well thought out. In each foyer, avoid clothes hooks; a messy whirlwind of rock is not a good first impression. In a very small foyer, jump furniture and just decorate the walls: Hang a piece of art, stencil “Welcome Home” on the wall, install floating shelves with some gadgets or place a large pot plant or a high vase of decorative studs in a corner. When there is room for furniture, make sure it’s scale: Instead of an oversized piece, use a Moro clock, small table, or a large mirror leaning against a wall. Whatever the size of your small foyer decorating ideas, it can be decorated in a formal style. If your living room decor is formal, wearing the design until the foyer continues your theme. A black and white square tile floor is dramatic and can be used with any color scheme. A wooden side table, either antique or reproduction, with a small table lamp, creates an atmosphere that cautiously says “Welcome.” A gold-plated mirror over the table, artwork on opposite walls, all framed in either black or gold, and an oriental matte over the middle of the floor creates a formal, yet warm entry.

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