Spectacular Design Gas Fireplace Mantels

Gas Fireplace Mantels With Tv Above

Gas fireplace mantels, like everything, has its advantages and its drawbacks. Although they have a spectacular design, however they are much more expensive than traditional fireplaces and it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages before making this investment. In another article we talked about modern electric fireplaces, and today we review the advantages and disadvantages of gas fireplaces.

The gas fireplace mantels mimic conventional chimneys but gas operated. In this way, the manufacturers of chimneys have imitated the automation of gas boilers and, at present, we can find models of chimneys that have the design and style of a wood fireplace but that actually works with gas.  An open gas fireplace must be connected to an existing or installed chimney. A low fresh air supply is mandatory, for households equipped with controlled mechanical ventilation this device is incompatible.

Open gas fireplace mantels provide a good atmosphere by offering a realistic view of the flames, but their performance is lower. It consists of installing a gas burner in the area where the chimney will go, which is then surrounded by imitation logs or pebbles. This type of fireplace must be installed by professionals. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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