Steel Gray Granite Kitchen Decoration

Grey Granite Countertops With White Cabinets

Steel Gray Granite – In kitchens, countertops are a very important part in the design of these rooms. The materials used in the countertops must have special characteristics to withstand, sudden changes in temperature, extreme heat, extreme cold, acids. The color of the granite can be find that combines with the color of the wood or the choose material, for the cabinets and other furniture, in this case, the tone of the countertop is perfect.

In the kitchen, with granite countertop, has an original design, a strip of tiles that crosses the wall, throughout the length of the room. With wooden cabinets, under the countertop and other wooden tops and combination with other material. The kitchen island also has the steel gray granite countertop. The U-shaped kitchen, in dark wood, with granite countertops in gray tones and the island in the middle of the room.

The wooden kitchen, dyed black, is simple in design, with drawers underneath the very light steel gray granite countertop. With an open shelf at the top, where cups that look like collectibles have been place. The white color of the furniture is in contrast to the strong orange on the back wall of the kitchen. The bell in steel gray and the granite countertop on the island. It also softens the orange color with its white and gray colors of different shades from the lightest to the almost black.

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