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The continuous wire forms a unique network of springs that maintain the structure as a splint. They are recommended for people who sleep alone. Because they are firm without becoming rigid. But not so much for double beds. In this case, sealy posturepedic ashton can be more successful, since each spring is independent and maintains firmness without affecting the whole, and without the pressure in another area of ​​the mattress conditioning them.

Finally, the biconics are a midpoint between the two aforementioned systems, with individual double cone springs, but linked in a single structure. Regarding the price, those of continuous thread are the most affordable – 300 Euros -, followed by the biconical and bagged, which can reach 600 euros . Regarding aeration, sealy posturepedic ashton are highly breathable and do not absorb moisture, so they are suitable for people who sweat.

Foam mattresses are perhaps the most affordable range of all, since they are based on expanded polyurethane foams, with internal air bubbles, which have relatively little firmness and preserve little shape after pressure. In them what counts is the density, so that more density more consistency but also greater weight and price, whose average value can be about 70 Euros for sealy posturepedic ashton of double foam bed, while high density hover the 200 Euros .

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