Super Fancy Corningware French White

Corningware French White Sets

The original corningware french white was made with Pyroceram, a glass-ceramic kiln compound that could be used over direct fire. CorningWare was almost unbreakable and it was guaranteed that it would be many years old. French White CorningWare is a ceramic product not as durable as the glass-ceramic originally used by Corning. SimplyLite is a lightweight glass product that looks like a CorningWare, manufactured for WorldKitchen, but 50 percent lighter and less durable than original CorningWare products.

World Kitchen reports that the change was made to meet the changing taste of the housewife and the increasing use of the microwave. Corningware french white is a practical baking dish that doubles its function as a serving dish, but it is the newest ceramic product and does not have the oldest glass-ceramic composition. The French White design is identified by the vertical piping edges.

The instructions for use and care of French White warn against using this ceramic product over fire, on the grill, with a browning element in the microwave or in a toaster oven. Corningware french white has been made again in glass. SimplyLite is composed of Vitrelle glass that is safe for microwave and oven, but you cannot use it over fire. Vitrelle glass is a laminated glass product used for the lines of elegant Corelle dishes.

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