The Best Wine Basket Ideas

Red Wine Gift Baskets

Wine basket ideas make attractive centers for holidays, celebrations and food-themed parties. Wine bottles are represented more than the beverage they contain, and can be decorative when they are full or empty, without a label or with a decorative covering. Make your centerpiece basket a gift to take home for your guests if you want them to make a piece of your house party.

The same wine bottles can be very decorative. Empty white wine bottles are usually a good choice, since they are generally a lighter green than bottles containing red wine. The wine basket ideas used can be a classic wicker basket, or choose an industrial style shallow wooden crate more. Fill the bottles with flowers, ivy, vine or small stones to create a natural look. Arrange the empty bottles in the basket or cage. Use the additional plugs to decorate the table or attach them to silver rings to make napkin rings.

What’s in the wine bottles can be the center piece of the centerpiece. If you plan to make centerpieces for a special occasion, you can even have made the wine and the labels created for a memorable item guests can take home and enjoy. Look for smaller baskets that fit a bottle of standing wine, but can be taken home from customers. Place wine basket ideas in front of each pair of guests so that they line up in a circle or rectangle towards the perimeter of the table. Tie a couple of wine glasses together with the ribbon and put them in a crossed position next to each bottle. A nice flower, fruit or arrangement of the leaves can be placed in the middle of the bottles to tie the arrangement together.

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