Choosing Top Entrance Litter Box For Cat

Top Entrance Litter Box Simple

Top Entrance Litter Box – One of the essential elements for every cat that lives at home (exclusively or living in semi-freedom) is to have a space in which to make their depositions. And this place is usually a top entrance litter box. Also known as a sand tray, cat tray, hygienic tray, sandbox or sanitary tray. Among all the objects that we must buy for our new option, the litter sandbox is one of the most important. She will go every time she has to do her needs, but only if she likes them. In fact, we do not buy the most suitable for the hairy, and this is a problem because if you do not like your litter sandbox. We will find urine and, perhaps, feces in the less desirable area.

But also, choosing one is a task that can be very complicating, because there is no prototype ideal box. However, there are some that are more recommending than others. So, I’ll tell you how to choose litter sandbox for cats. Every cat is a world, with its own interests and tastes. Even so, it is important that we choose a large top entrance litter box. In which the cat can fit well if you lie down, and also be tall. Every time we fill it, we have to throw about 5cm of sand, and if the box is low, the furry will end up getting enough, dirtying the soil. For this reason, you have to look for that box that is as high as possible.

This is undoubtedly one of the questions that we ask ourselves the most. Would you like a top entrance litter box with a lid or would you prefer without? The truth is that it depends on each cat. There are some who are timid and yes they will look for a place where they can be calm, but there are others that will not care. My advice is to first use as a sandbox an old basin that you no longer need, to see if you like it or not, and if you finally see that it does not make its needs in it or does not end up feeling comfortable, you do with a sandbox with the top.

The top entrance litter box should be placed in a corner where the family does not make much life, far from where the cat sleeps. There are those who choose to have it in the corner entrance, where the bad smell is also controlled (although you should also know that there are sands that reduce bad odors, such as silica or betonies).

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