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Tropical Comforter Sets – How to wash a feather or down comforter? This is a very common question that we all ask ourselves when we decide to choose a down comforter or down comforter that is of good quality. With good care, it is not necessary to wash a feather or down comforter more than once a year. It is important that you cover it with a good duvet cover to protect it during its use in bed. With a good practice you will only need to wash the duvet cover weekly, and the duvet quilt only once with the change of season.

Before deciding to wash a feather or down tropical comforter sets in the washing machine, read the manufacturer’s specifications well. Today, good duvets are prepared for washing temperatures up to 60ÂșC. Make sure you know what temperature you can wash your tropical comforter sets. If you do not have it clear or you have doubts choose a program of washing with cold water. Also, a good recommendation would be to check that the Nordic has no loss of fill, either feathered or down.

If so, you may have a small hole. This can be enlarged by spinning inside the washing machine and spoiling the tropical comforter sets. So, if necessary, take needle and thread and repair it. Always use detergents for delicate clothes and never use softener or other more aggressive products (detergents with enzymes, bleach, bleach, etc.) that can ruin the down filling.

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