Types of Landscaping Rocks and Stones

Types Of River Rocks For Landscaping

While they may not be your first consideration when planning your landscape, cliffs add visual interest as well as serve a practical purpose. Rocks can be a focal point for a garden design, as well as adding vertical or horizontal appeal. Landing rods can also be used for paths, like mulch and to help drainage. You can use a types of landscaping rocks in your design or a mix of different kinds, depending on your needs and preferences.

Boulders for types of landscaping rocks

Coming in a wide range of sizes, stone blocks can be medium to extremely large. Boulders work well as individual visual statements that advertise either an entry. Such as driveway on your property or as a central point of contact for a large garden. Minor mountain species can be grouped together to add additional appeal or stacked to create height. Larger rocks work well when placed near the water garden as they make them appear more natural.

River rock for types of landscaping rocks

Traces from 1/4 inch to 6 inches in diameter are the pebbles smooth, rounded stones and are often flat. They can be used as mulch for plants and also in drains. Although the rocks keep heat light, use them only as mulch for heat-tolerant plants. Larger mountain ranges can be used as decorative accents along paths or in the beds of the harbor. You can also arrange them at the bottom of the blocks to create a more natural look.

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