Unfinished Pine Dresser: Fits Any Style!

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Classic, modern, retro, rustic, industrial .., unfinished pine dresser is no longer the exclusive property of the dishes or places the dining room. This functional furniture changes their role and melts in any corner of the house. The sideboards usually have little height but you can also find them taller as this wooden sideboard with drawers and glass doors.  Who said that the dressers are unique furniture for the dining room? This antique sideboard is perfect as an island of work in the kitchen.

Unfinished pine dresser like this one has different missions: to help to have at hand everything necessary to serve and decorate the table and separate two rooms without visual interference.  Instead of placing only the sideboard, you can make a piece of furniture as you integrate it and add other storage elements such as upper cupboards and a niche.

Unfinished pine dresser fits any style. The wood and the oxides give this sideboard, from Antic Rocamora, a more industrial and at the same time rustic aspect. So that the furniture is not so heavy, white has been used. The wooden and conical legs of the sideboard recall the furniture of the 50s. If you are a Midcentury fan, here you will find all the tricks of this style that returns with strength.

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