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Small round rugs – Many round tables become oval when extended. This can present a decoration challenge. A round rug is a conventional way for a round table. And an oval rug fits very well with an oval table. The least comfortable arrangement in this combination is to use a round carpet with an oval table because the round shape of the carpet will appear to compress the head and foot of the table.

Small round rugs can be placed in most rooms, but it will look better in a square or rounded room. The carpet tends to look too small when it is placed in the center of a rectangular room unless the furniture is grouped on or near the carpet so that the furniture pushes the line of sight of the carpet outward along the carpet. Length of the room. A round rug is a good choice for a round table and can be used to anchor the table in a larger room.

If the room has strange angles, round rugs can unify the space and add a little banal. Where a rectangular carpet might seem at odds with the shape of the room. For very large living spaces, rectangular carpets can be used to define a conversation zone. Simply place your sofa, chairs and coffee table on the carpet. A rectangular rug is usually the best choice as a doormat; However, a small round rugs works well in a kitchen or bathroom, where users cross in many directions.

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