Very Nice Mohawk Carpet Tiles

The color of the mohawk carpet tiles must obviously coordinate with the color of the other furniture. It is key not to go shopping for a carpet without good photos of the other pieces that are already at home. And if possible, a sample of the fabric of the sofa or one of the cushions. For spaces that have a lot of traffic (like corridors). Or where there is a lot of risk of stains (like the dining room) it is better to choose a carpet of a dark color or with a pattern.

In the living room, if the sofa is monochromatic. I is better to balance choosing a carpet with a pattern and, vice versa. If the sofa has a pattern, a carpet of a single color works well. I favor neutral colors and simple patterns. Mohawk carpet tiles can be made of natural fibers (jute, wool, silk, viscose or cotton) or artificial (polyester and nylon). Artificial fiber rugs are more economical, durable and stain resistant.

But they can produce a lot of lint and do not have the same warmth as natural fiber rugs. Among the carpets of natural fibers. The most common are those made of wool and the most expensive ones are silk. Jute rugs are durable, economical and neutral in color. Which makes them perfect for high traffic areas where a mohawk carpet tiles with greater tolerance to wear is needed.

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