Very Special Corner Bathroom Sink

Corner Vanity Set

The decoration of corner bathroom sink should be beautiful and splendid, as a space in which different decorative elements can be placed. The sink will also be used by our guests, so it is worth investing in towels, soap dishes, plants and flavorings to leave the place always pleasant. The sink is different from the rest of the bathroom, even if it is small, its circulation is very special, and therefore it requires a cozy and functional decoration.

A narrow sink can be a challenge when it comes to composing the decoration, but if it is planned, those problems can be solved. Our first idea: use shelves and sideboards. Experiment also by placing wallpaper for the corner bathroom sink area and achieving a personalized atmosphere. Another suggestion is to place a mirror to increase the depth; this is an accessory that gives a feeling of spaciousness.

Corner bathroom sink is on a wooden surface with a decoration on the floor with loose stones contrasting with the concrete of the floor. The marble bar in combination with the gold frame of the mirror and the wallpaper give a charming and luxurious touch to the sink area. The frame of the mirror combines perfectly with the edge of the bathroom cabinet with a light tone wood giving warmth to the space.

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