How to Hang Vestibule Door

Vestibule Door Design

Hanging drapes over a vestibule door can be a quick way to update the appearance of a room or provide a solution for doorways where the door itself has been removed. There is an infinite variety of curtains and curtains to choose from, so incorporating drapes in your room existing furnishings should not be too challenging. If you want to put drapes to your door, there are some important things you need to do.


Get a safe ladder or high step. If you do not have a low vestibule door or are quite tall, you need to get on one to hang your drapes. Measure the width and height of the door with a tape measure. Add 4 inches to the height measurement to find out the length of draperies you need Рyou want drapes to barely skirt the ground in front of the door, not noticeably hanging above. Buy a curtain rod for draperies that at least match the width of the door. As long as it does not cause any obstacles and there is no wall nearby, you can have a longer curtain rod. Make sure the bar you buy is robust, especially if there will be constant traffic that goes in and out of the door, otherwise drapes can stop falling down.

Buy draperies for your taste, or make your own drapes with fabrics that complement your interior. A fast and fairly cheap option is to get a piece of fabric that is three or four times the height of your vestibule door and literally drape it over a curtain bar repeatedly to create a long break. After wooden draperies over the bar, you will probably place it over or in the brackets and the installation will be complete.

Keep the vestibule door against the wall when planning to use it for a bedside table. If the door is extremely heavy, place it on top of two rolled paint hooks or other support. After you have found a height for your bedside, easily select either left or right of the door where the center of the headboard’s height rests on the wall. Also make a light mark above the door to denote the center of the headboard’s length. Remove the wall cover and use a long straight edge to go with both marks you made in the middle of the area where you only had the door. Make a darker, easily see the mark in this area, and delete the other brands.

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