Making Easy White Entryway Storage Bench

White Entryway Storage Bench Awesome

A simple white entryway storage bench can also provide extra storage. This multifunctional piece is ideal for small apartments, dorms and rooms. Build your own wooden storage bench to suit your needs. Spot the forest for a natural look or paint it to match the colors of your home. Building a wooden storage bench is a simple project that even beginner woodworkers do not find too challenging. The materials are cheap and it should only take a few hours to complete.


Cut wood to the required sizes with a saw. Measure and cut 2-by-4-inch timber for eight inches 12 inches long for the sides of the bench and four 44 inches long for the front and back of the bench. Cut the 8-foot two-piece plywood board 12 by 12 inches for the sides of the bench and four that are 12 by 48 inches for the front, back, top and bottom of the white entryway storage bench. Cut 1-by-4-inch timber into five pieces 12 inches long for the bottom and sides of the bench.

Build the frame. Use wood threading to attach four of the 12-inch pieces of 2-of-4 timber together to one square of white entryway storage bench. Use a screwdriver to secure the pieces with a wooden screw. Repeat to make a second 12-inch square. Glue a 44-inch piece to the corner of one of the boxes. Glue the other end of the 44-inch piece to the corner of the second box. Repeat for the remaining three corners. Secure each piece with a wooden screw. Cover the frame with plywood. Glue 48-inch pieces of plywood to the bottom, the front and the back of the frame. Secure with a wooden screw. Glue a 12-inch piece of plywood to both sides and fasten with a wooden screw.

Attach hinges. Use a screwdriver to attach two hinges to the top of the frame. Place the hinges 5 inches from the sides. Attach the hinges to the edge of the plywood. This will be the cover. Attach 1-of-4-inch timber to the bottom of the bench with wooden screws. Place two pieces near the outer edges of the bottom and a piece in the middle. Place a 1-of-4 work piece on a side panel. It should be at even height with the top of the frame. Secure it with a wooden screw and repeat the panel on the other side. These pieces will act as handles. A storage bench is a perfect way to provide additional seating or footrests while concealing small objects in sight. Build a small bench to store video game disks and controls or stow off extra blankets.

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