Wood Floor Finishes Treatment Without Sanding

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Wood Floor Finishes – Today we will talk about how to maintain the finish of floors, this ensures that your floor lasts longer and prevents full sanding every time you want to highlight the finish of the wood. Wood floors can last generations, but the finish of these does not. Restore the finish of an old floor usually involves sanding up to the pure wood layer, removing the upper layer of the finish, continuing to paint and shine again.

Rent a floor polisher and load it with the heavier polishing pad, move the machine in the direction of the wood slabs and travel the area from one end to the other, taking off the top layer of the existing shine. Close the entire floor and vacuum all the residues. Refill the polisher with a semi-abrasive pad. Polish the wood floor finishes again in the same way as in the first step to remove the remaining shine. Vacuum the entire area.

Polish the wood floor finishes a third and last time with the thinner pad to soften and clean the surface. Vacuum thoroughly. The result must be a completely flat and opaque floor, with all the brilliance gone but with the original painting still in place. Gently stir the container of the new finish, (do not shake it), pour a considerable amount on the floor near the corner farthest from the entrance. Adjust the applicator on the shine and slowly pull it back on the boards.

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